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Hampton Roads Scorecard header

  Economy   Education   Transportation  
  Business Startups improving   School Readiness improving   Land Use improving  
  Employment Growth maintaining   3rd Grade Reading improving   Public Transit maintaining  
  Modeling & Simulation improving   High School Graduation improving   Traffic Congestion maintaining  
  Net Migration maintaining   High School Dropout improving        
  Personal Income improving   College Graduation improving        
  Port/Maritime maintaining   Educational Attainment improving   Natural Resources  
Poverty worsening    
  Research and Technology maintaining         Land Preservation improving  
  Unemployment improving   Health & Family   Solid Waste and Recycling worsening  
  Workforce Quality improving     Water Quality improving  
    Cancer improving    
        Cardiovascular Disease improving        
  Government & Citizens   Child Abuse and Neglect improving   Hampton Roads regional map  
    Foster Care improving    
Taxation improving Health Insurance worsening
  Voter Registration and Turnout improving   Infant Mortality maintaining    
        Obesity improving    
Note: Bolded indicators are unique to
Hampton Roads Performs.
  Suicide worsening    

Performance Trend

improving improving
maintaining maintaining
worsening worsening
  Teen Pregnancy improving    
    Public Safety    
    Crime improving    
    Juvenile Intakes improving    
    Traffic Fatalities maintaining    
  Last updated: August 2013